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Spindle Core Drill Rig

GL250 core drilling rig

GL250 Core Drilling Rig


GL-250 Drill Rig is a new type of vertical shaft drill, which can be powered by diesel engine or electric motor .It is mainly used diamond drilling and tungstem-carbide drilling of solid bed .It can also be used in exploring drill and base or stake hole.

Usage scope

1.it is applicable to prospecting and exploration ,geophysical exploration ,road and building exploration ,and drilling works such as boring and blasting and various concrete inspection holes.

2.it adopts different drilling bits to so drilling works for different stratums ,such as diamond, alloy, steel shot, and steel drop drilling bits.

3.it can be used to drill 2-9 class sandy clay and basement strata.

4.when the finial hole diameter is 75mm,the rated drilling depth is 250m and the maximum depth shall not exceed 1.1 times the rated depth. The rated opening diameter is 110m and the allowable maximum opening diameter is 150mm.


1.with oil pressure automatic feed mechanism, it can improve drilling efficiency and reduce workers' physical work.

2.it adopts ball cassette clip to replace chuck and can perform non-stop rod reversing. It is easy to operate ,safe and reliable.
3.a pressure gauge is equipped at the bottom of a hole to grasp the condition of the hole.

4.the centralized handle is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

5.compact structure: drilling rig, pump and diesel engine are on the same base.

6.light weight and easy decomposition to quick to move, so it is applicable to plains and mountainous areas.


1.Drilling depth (m)  250 200 170 150 120
2.Opening dia. (mm) φ75 Φ110 Φ130 Φ150 Φ200
3.Finial hole dia.(mm) 75
4.Drilling rod dia.(mm) 50
5.Drilling angle range ( °) 70-90
6.Overall dimensions (L×B×H) (mm) 1700X1030X1270
7.Weight (exclude power unit) (Kg) 580
8.Rotary table
Spindle speed(r/Min) forward 851,252,303,905,601,000
reversal 69
Spindle stroke (mm) 450
Lifting capacity (KN) 30
Feeding capacity ( KN) 23
Max. torque (Nm) 1700
Reel speed(r/m) 22,34,62,100,150,270
Lifting speed (m/s) 0.18,0.30,0.54,0.86,1.3,2.3
Max lifting capacity (KN) 20
Cable dia (mm) 9.3
Drum dia (mm) 145
Brake dia (mm) 252
Brake band broad (mm) 50
10.Oil pump
Model YBC-12/125
Displacement (ml/r) 8
Rating pressure ( MPa) 12.5
Power of rig diesel L28N
rating power (KW) 20
rating speed (r/Min) 2000
elec--motor Y160L-4
rating power (KW) 15
rating speed (r/Min) 1440