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Drill Rod

Water Well Drill Rod



1.Application hard, very hard,and medium soft sock formation.

2.Reliable quality,long service life,rare abnormal breakage during service life

3.Good flushing effect to ensure high drilling rate

4.Strict quality warranty and compensation rules


Used inholedrilling works, such asminingblasting,water welldrilling,geothermal welldrilling,pipe roofsupport,coalandnon-ferrous metalminingprojects

Outside diameter Φ50 Φ60 Φ73 Φ89 Φ102 Φ114 Φ127
Outside diameter of joint (mm) Φ65 Φ75 Φ105 Φ127 Φ133.4 Φ158.8 Φ168
Thickness (mm) 6.5 7.1 9.19 9.5/10 8.38 8.56 9.19
Length (mm) 1000~4500 1000~4500 1500~9500 1500~9500 3000~9500 1500~9500 5000~9500